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Sizing-Dyeing Machine

GS766 Jean Bundle Dyeing Machine


Applicable Technology:Warp yarn adopts bundle shape and multi-vat dyeing to complete the dying procedure of jean before warp yarn weaving

Quantity of wispy warp: 12、16、 24 bundles

Mechanical fabric width:11400mm、1600mm、2200mm

Mechanical speed: 0-30m/min.

Transmission mode: multi-unit AC synchronous transmission

Diameter of spherical axle: 1000mm(maximal)

Form of dropping warp: 24 bundles for coiled yarding type

Dyeing fluid circulation: sealed filter vat

Dyeing fluid supplementation: infusion pump + flow meter + proportional valve (for automatic constant flow control)

Infusion system: pre-vulcanization + middle indigo dyeing + post-vulcanization (three systems in total)

Total assembled power: 150KW.

Contour dimension of complete machine: 73000mm(length) X3850mm(width)X8500mm(height).

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