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double Slurry Tank Sizing Machine

GSR520D single Slurry Tank Sizing-Dyeing Machine



Appropriate technology: this machine adopts the full-width flake-like dyeing method; after finishing the warping, the warp will boiled, dyed, starched and baked by the machine, and then be rolled by the weaver's beam and provided for the next process for weaving.


Main technical parameters and specifications

Rear: 1,800mmm 2,000mm(maximum coil length: 2,800mm)

         2,400mm (maximum coil length:3,200mm)

Machine speed

Rear: 535m/min (via warp beam, dyeing unit and baking unit)

Front: 545m/min (via stock tank, slashing drying house, machine head)

Disk diameter of warp beam: Φl,000mm(max.) 

Disk diameter of driving shaft: Φ110~Φl,000mm

Steam pressure: >0.3Mpa

Driving mode: Multiunit frequency-converting synchronous drive

Operating voltage: AC380V 50HZ 

Total power: 110kW (15 dyeing cylinders)

of compressed air: >0.5 Pressure Mpa

Storage capacity of yarn storage rack:  90m


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